Samsung hits at Apple by giving free polishing cloths with Galaxy models in Germany

Samsung’s new flex is a free polishing cloth with its Galaxy series models in Germany. The action is clearly a dig at Apple for selling a polishing cloth for $19 which is hard to get at the moment. Apple’s polishing cloth which was sold out quickly now has a 2 to 3 months delivery time

Samsung polishing cloth

This is not the first time Samsung has mocked Apple’s products or decisions, starting with the headphone jack. In 2016, when Apple removed the headphone jack from iPhone 7, the Korean smartphone manufacturer mocked the rival company in an ad called “Growing Up” but later did the same. Samsung made fun of Apple’s decision to remove the power adaptor and headphones from iPhone 12 box and guess what, later did the same with Galaxy S21.  

More recently, the Korean smartphone manufacture criticized Apple for offering the 120Hz ProMotion display a little too late, and in a distasteful promotion, the iTest app mocked Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs by referencing his signature black turtle neck.

Samsung’s gives away 1000 free polishing cloths to mock Apple’s $19 polishing cloth 

Spotted by Galaxy Club, the Korean smartphone manufacture gave away 1000 free polishing cloths as a limited time offer in Germany which is 50% bigger than Apple’s cleaning wipe. 

Some phone manufacturers sell expensive cleaning cloths, others give them away for free. Samsung Germany belongs to the latter group. You can request a velvety soft cleaning cloth for your Samsung phone there for free – if you act quickly. Addition: the promotion has now disappeared from the German Samsung Members app. The 1000 available wipes are probably already gone.

With this promotion, Samsung is once again building on the rivalry with Major Competitor (capital letters via the marketing department) Apple. The latter caused a stir at a recent event with the launch of a polishing cloth for your iPhone. Price tag €25. Apple’s cloth measures 16 by 16 centimeters, so purely on specifications, Samsung’s free cloth wins the comparison. It’s over 50% bigger – and €25 cheaper.

Having said that, it is not known if this promotion will be offered in other regions or more wipes will be given away for free. One thing is for certain, the marketing rivalry will continue. 

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