TikTok introduces its first AR effect which uses iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner

TikTok has launched its first Augment Reality effect using the iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner. In the latest iPhone flagship series, Apple has equipped the Pro models of the iPhone 12 line-up with LiDAR scanners for improved photography and offer AR experience to the smartphone users. Prior to that LiDAR scanner was only available in the 2020 iPad Pro model.

Now using the LiDAR technology, a popular video creating app, TikTok has introduced the first of many to come AR effects for iPhone 12 Pro users. Apple describes the iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner as the tool to begin creative projects, take measurements and more.

“The LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects, so it can create a depth map of any space you’re in. Because it’s ultrafast and accurate, AR apps can now transform a room into a realistic rainforest or show you exactly how a new sneaker will fit.”

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner

TikTok first AR effect using iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner

In celebration of the new year, @TikTokComms released the AR effect on Twitter with a five seconds countdown ball drop to 2021 floating banner in the living room and lots of golden confetti.

LiDAR, the Light Detection and Ranging, technology measures distance by shining laser light on a surface or object and measuring the reflection with a sensor which helps to detect objects, measure height, better visibility in the dark and other functions. And we see good use of the iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner in TikTok’s effect; intuitively confetti falls on the person standing under the virtual ball drop and spreads around the room.

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner

The announcement  further adds the exciting news of more effects coming later on in the year, “We’re excited to develop more innovative effects in 2021!” Before TikTok, Snapchat was the first social app to iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scanner in its iOS app for new augmented reality Lens.

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