For FaceTime SharePlay, TikTok introduces an exclusive “For Us” page on iOS

Popular video creating app TikTok has introduced an exclusive ‘For Us” page for FaceTime SharePlay calls on iOS. Apple launched the new FaceTime SharePlay feature on iPhone and iPad with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates. The new feature allows users to connect virtually over a FaceTime call to watch movies, TikTok videos, listen to songs on Apple Music or share the screen for online shopping, or collaborate on projects.

TikTok - SharePlay

TikTok’s new “For Us” page shows favorite recommendations of all participants on a FaceTime SharePlay call

Spotted by a Twitter user @Aether Aurelia and reported by 9to5Mac, TikTok’s new “For Us” page creates a personalized experience for users on SharePlay call. When on FaceTime SharePlay call, TikTok’s “For You” page is replaced with the new “For Us” page to show video recommendations based on the participant’s favorite or most viewed content. The report states:

This “For Us” page combines the best of users’ favorite recommendations and algorithms, which makes the experience of watching TikTok even funnier when you’re with someone else. Aether shared his experience with this function:

It’s essentially a synced page between the devices on the SharePlay session, it also seems to mix interests. From what I can tell it just mixes them, although when I swiped to the next video it seemed more targeted towards me, when Tom swiped it seemed targeted towards him

Furthermore, when watching videos or listening to music on compatible apps, all participants can control the playback by playing, pausing, rewinding, or skipping the video or song.  The feature will be coming on Mac soon with macOS Monterey 12.1 update released later this year. 

Download TikTok from the App Store for free to enjoy virtual hangouts with family and friends over FaceTime. But to enjoy SharePlay on TikTok, users’ iPhone or iPad must be updated to the latest iOS 15 version.

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