Apple refutes allegations of “secretly” buying Google ads for high-value apps 

In its response to a damning recent report by Forbes, Apple denies all allegations and maintains that it buys Google ads to market App Store apps with the consent of the developers.  

Forbes’s report accused Apple of “secretly” buying Google ads for high-value apps that include popular dating, educational, and entertainment apps like Tinder, and HBO Max without the approval of the developers for the past two years. It was claimed that Apple branding in the ads is concealed and each contains a link to the App Store to make the purchase. This way the company is allegedly boosting its in-app revenue by charging 15% or 30% commission and is depriving developers who offer alternative payment methods from earning 100% of the revenue. 

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Apple says it has been buying Google ads for the past 5 years with the consent of developers 

Cupertino tech giant refutes that claims made by Forbes and said that it has been buying third-party ads for App Store app with the consent or knowledge of the developers for 5 years now. and each ad clearly mentions that it is by Apple.  Calling words like “secretly” or “quietly” a mischaracterization, the company explained that it has the right to run ads for its products like other retailers and it is authorized to do under the agreement signed with the developer. 

Furthermore, the tech giant explains that it regularly engages in conversation with developers to run ads on other platforms like Google, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter and several of them appreciate the support to market their apps. 

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The company reiterated its commitment to providing developers with all the necessary resources to successfully promote and develop their apps like technical support, compilers, APIs, and more, along with marketing campaigns inside and outside the App Store. It claims that in 2020, its marketing campaigns garnered over 70 billion impressions via social, email, and advertising. 

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