Top 5 Houseparty games to play with friends

As real-time parties are impossible, Houseparty is an amazing platform to stay connected with friends and family throughout the pandemic while maintaining social distancing. The app offers immediate connectivity with anyone in the contact list who is using the app or has shared their username with you.

The app also offers a bunch of games that can be played with friends while staying on conference calls. These include a wide variety of games like trivia, heads up, quick draw, and more.

Top 5 Houseparty games to play with friends

Let us have a look at the top 5 Houseparty games that users can play with friends:

  1. Finish the Song Lyric: The game is amazing for groups that are musically inclined. It features a Finish the Lyric deck which will give one half of the lyric and asks the user to finish it. The game can be made more fun by requiring everybody to sing the song as they complete the lyrics.
  2. Quick Draw: The game features several game formats like food, animals, places, and more. Users have to guess what is being drawn on the whiteboard and if they guess it right, their team gets a point.
  3. Trivia Decks: The app has several decks with trivia quizzes for checking each other knowledge about TV Shows, movies, books, games, and more. It works like a quiz game where the team with the most points wins.
  4. Heads Up: Users have to act and give hints without speaking and others will have to guess the answer. It features decks from trending topics, marvel movies, animals, famous TV shows, sports, and more. Additionals decks can also be purchased form within the app.
  5. Chips and Guac: The game works on descriptive cards. One person deals with a card and gives a minor description like ‘Sneaky’ or ‘Funny’. Everyone else then puts down a card that best matches that description given by the host. The funniest match among all cards wins the round.

The app can be fun for friends and family to virtually hang out and play games, connect via video calls, or leave video messages for each other. All the games within the app rely on user interaction and participation from all players. These games ensure that all video calls with friends and family on the app are refreshing and fun, even when there is a COVID-19 outbreak going on.

Get the Houseparty app here and start playing with your friends.

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