Try out these Netflix workout videos on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Apple TV

Research has shown that mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. Physical health problems increase a person’s risk of developing mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and vice versa. 

It is highly recommended for everyone to incorporate at least a 10 minutes workout session in their daily life to keep their physical health but also their mental health in check. However, people often find it difficult to take out time for the gym from their everyday busy routines and do not have enough capital to invest in a gym membership. 

Luckily, the popular video streaming service Netflix offers a variety of workout sessions like yoga, core, HIT, abs, and others so subscribers to look after their physical and mental wellness without any additional cost and at the comfort of their home, nearby park, or any other favorite location. 

Here are all the Netflix workout videos available for subscribers on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Apple TV. 

Netflix workout videos

New Netflix workout videos created by Nike Training Club, competing with Apple Fitness+

The 2022 COVID-19 pandemic put the spotlight on physical and mental wellness. As people could not go to the gym, at-home workouts become very popular. 

Netflix workout videos were launched to the service in partnership with the Nike training club in 2022. Recently, the streamer has added new Nike Training Club episodes ranging from body weight, high-intensity training, and more up to 30 minutes. 

  • 10 minute workout – Volume 1
    1. Yoga: core flow
    2. Yoga: upper body vinyasa
    3. Yoga-:lower-body vinyasa
    4. Yoga: runner’s flow
    5. Total body ladder
    6. Total body pilates
    7. HIT: speed training basics
    8. HIT: stability training basics
    9. HIT: stability training basics
    10. HIT: interval training basics
    11. HIT: endurance training basics
    12. HIT: Abs
    13. HIT: endurance training blast
    14. HIT: interval training blast
    15. HIT: speed blast
    16. HIT: Upper body blast
    17. HIT: agility blast
    18. Bodyweight burn: lower-body basics
    19. Bodyweight burn: upper body basics
    20. Bodyweight burn: backside basics
    21. Bodyweight burn: rotation training basics
    22. Bodyweight burn: core finisher
    23. Bodyweight burn: low-impact activation
    24. Bodyweight burn: lower-body tempo blast
    25. Bodyweight burn: upper-body tempo blast
    26. Bodyweight burn: legs and glutes
  • 10 minute workouts – Volume 2
    1. Bodyweight burn: 360 strength
    2. Post-run stretch
    3. HIT: stability blast
    4. Pre-run strength
    5. Yoga: posture primer
    6. Runner’s yoga: feet and ankle
    7. Yoga: lower body restorative sequence
    8. Runner’s yoga: calves and hamstrings
    9. Runner’s Yoga: cooldown flow
  • 20 minute workouts – Volume 1
    1. Bodyweight burn: EMOM basics
    2. Bodyweight burn: AMRAP basics
    3. Bodyweight burn: Core strength
    4. HIT: Abs
    5. Yoga: Energizing Vinyasa
    6. Yoga: Heart-Opening Vinyasa
    7. Yoga: Vinyasa Flow
    8. Total-body circuits
    9. HIT: Tempo Training Basics
    10. Creativity Flow
  • 20 minutes workouts – Volume 2
    1. Bodyweight burn: AMRAP blast
    2. Post-Run strength
    3. Evening calm flow
    4. Morning energy flow
    5. HIT: Upper-body strength
    6. HIT: Legs
    7. Lower body strength
    8. Power flow (advanced level)
    9. Runner’s release
    10. Yoga: Feel-good flow

Netflix workout videos

  • 30 minute workouts – Volume 1
    1. Bodyweight Burn: core
    2. Bodyweight burn: Strength meets cardio
    3. Hit: Pyro pyramid basics
  • 30 minute workouts – Volume 2
    1. Power Flow (intermediate level)
    2. Total body Intervals
    3. Total body strength essentials
    4. Strength and core foundations
    5. Push and pull basics
    6. Full body strength and HIIT
    7. Morning grounding flow
    8. Yoga: Root-to-rise flow
    9. Upper-body and core sizzler 1
    10. Lower-body burn 1
    11. Total body blast 1
    12. Upper body and core sizzler 2 
    13. Lower body burn 2
    14. Total body blast 2
    15. Upper-body and core sizzler 3
    16. Lower-body burn 3
    17. Total body blast 3
    18. Upper-body and core sizzler 4
    19. Lower-body burn 4
    20. Total body blast 4
    21. Upper-body and core sizzler 5
    22. Lower-body burn 5
    23. Total body blast 5
    24. Total body blast 6
    25. Leg & glute essentials
    26. Shoulder & core essentials
    27. Glute & leg strength
  • Bodyweight burn – Volume 1 
    1. Lower body basics
    2. Upper body basics
    3. Backside basics
    4. Rotation training basics
    5. EMOM basics
    6. AMRAP basics
    7. Core wake-up call
    8. Core finisher
    9. Core strength
    10. Core
    11. Your first strength class
    12. Low-impact activation
    13. Lower-body tempo blast
    14. Upper-body tempo blast
    15. Legs and glutes
    16. Strength meets cardio
  • Bodyweight burn – Volume 2
    1. Standing core
    2. Plank party
    3. AMRAP blast
    4. 360 strength
  • High intensity training – Volume 1
    1. Speed training basics
    2. Stability training basics
    3. Interval training basics
    4. Endurance training basics
    5. Power training basics
    6. Tempo training basics
    7. Pyro pyramid basics
    8. 10-minutes Abs
    9. 20-minutes Abs
    10. 10-min HIT: Endurance training blast
    11. 10-min HIT: Interval training blast
    12. 10-min HIT: speed blast
    13. 10-min HIT: upper-body blast
    14. 10-min HIT: agility blast
  • High intensity training – Volume 2
    1. 10-min HIT: stability blast
    2. 10-min HIT: Upper body strength
    3. HIT: Legs
    4. Full body strength and HIT 

In addition to the new collection, Netflix workout content also induced kickstart fitness with the basics, Abs, and core, fitness for runners, and other volumes. All you need is a Netflix subscription plan starting from $9.99 per month. 

As most of the Netflix workouts do not require additional equipment, they can be completed anywhere and at any time. These workout sessions are also a good alternative to Apple Fitness+ for those who already have a Netflix subscription. 

Although Apple Fitness Plus offers larger and more diverse workout content, users are required to pay an additional $9.99 per month as it is not part of an Apple TV+ subscription or another paid service.

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