UK loves buying iPads from eBay before international launch

Looks like UK just loves the iPad and they couldn’t hold back from buying it or waiting for the international launch. 5,300 iPads on eBay sold so far, and who loves them the most? UK!


The iPad was liked in the US so much that the supply didn’t meet the demand, therefore they pushed the international launch a month ahead because they were short in producing so many iPads, but that didn’t keep the folks in UK from getting their hands on the magical device before the international launch. ebay is the best place to get your hands on the iPad if you’re living outside the US, but you have to bear the premium price for shipping and handling with that, but we think it’s a price worth paying for a device like the iPad.

With over 5,300 iPads sold on eBay, 65 percent of them were sold internationally, in other words, outside of the US. If you’re really desperate to get your hands on the iPad and don’t want to wait, we suggest you head over to eBay and find yourself a good deal. [via 9to5Mac]

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