Visual Look Up in iOS 17 identifies auto symbols including warning lights

iOS 17 offers several new capabilities and improvements to the existing features to enhance users’ experience. One of those features is Visual Look Up in the Photos app. 

Now, the Visual Look Up feature can identify automobile symbols in photos and videos, and more interestingly, it can also identify warning lights. 

To provide information about a landmark, art, pet, plant, statue, or other subjects in a photo or video, Apple introduced Visual Look Up in iOS 15. Users with compatible iPhone models can open a photo in full screen and either tap on the “i” icon or swipe up the photo to view the information available about its subject in a Results card.

Visual Look up

Visual Look Up identifies battery, engine, and other auto symbols in iOS 17

Apple previewed the upcoming iOS update at the WWDC 2023 event but the tech company did not mention all the changes in it because of time constraints in the Keynote. As iOS 17 beta 1 is available, users discover the features Apple did not discuss at the event.

Reddit user @Yahlover found that the Visual Look Up in the upcoming update can identify automotive symbols like hazard, ventilation, and windscreen demist and defrost.

The new feature can also identify warning lights like battery, engine, engine oil, and brake system malfunction symbols that light up in the dashboard if the vehicle is experiencing an issue.

visual look up - iOS 17

In iOS 17, the “i” icon switches to a “steering” icon to show that an auto symbol was identified in a photo and the Results card displays the description for each auto symbol if multiple symbols are identified in a photo or video.

This can be a very helpful addition for iPhone users who do not know much about vehicles’ warning lights or be beneficial to identify what is wrong with their automobiles.

In addition to auto symbols, the new Visual Look Up can also find recipes for similar dishes from a photo, Look Up information on a subject lifted from a photo, and pause a video on any frame to look up info on a subject in iOS 17.

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