WhatsApp introduces AI chatbot in latest Android beta

Meta is integrating an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot into WhatsApp. Following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Bard chatbot, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Meta is actively integrating AI assistants into its suite of apps, with WhatsApp taking center stage with its widespread rollout of an AI chatbot.


Meta’s venture into the realm of AI chatbots commenced in September 2022, driven by the desire to explore the potential of these intelligent conversational agents within its widely used services. Initially mirroring models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, Meta’s AI chatbot harnessed the power of Llama 2, a robust language model, to foster natural and engaging interactions.

In its early stages of development, Meta’s AI chatbot forged a strategic partnership with Microsoft Bing, enabling the AI to seamlessly navigate the web and provide comprehensive answers to user inquiries. This collaboration further amplified the chatbot’s capabilities, empowering it to deliver more informative and insightful responses.

Meta brings AI-powered chatbot to WhatsApp for enhanced communication and information access

After months of beta testing and meticulous fine-tuning, the AI features on WhatsApp have reached a significant milestone. WABetaInfo recently identified a new AI-powered chat shortcut in WhatsApp’s beta version This substantial development suggests an imminent rollout, at least within the beta channel, before reaching the stable channel for wider user access.

WhatsApp introduces AI chatbot

The new AI chat shortcut, introduced as a floating action button (FAB), appears directly above the new message FAB in the Chats tab. This design enhancement streamlines user access to Meta’s AI in WhatsApp, making it more visible and accessible to users encountering it for the first time. This marks a significant departure from its previous location within the Contacts section, further improving user convenience.

Meta’s integration of AI into its popular messaging app, WhatsApp, marks a significant step towards providing users with a more intuitive and engaging experience. The deployment of an AI chatbot on WhatsApp aligns with Meta’s broader objective of harnessing AI’s immense potential to enhance the functionality of everyday applications. As Meta continues to refine its AI capabilities, users can anticipate even more seamless and intelligent interactions across its various platforms.

Throughout the development and implementation of the AI chatbot, Meta has prioritized user privacy by implementing robust encryption measures for both data at rest and in transit, safeguarding user data, and ensuring its protection. Additionally, Meta has restricted the amount of data the chatbot collects and empowers users with control over how their data is utilized.

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