Motorola Shows Off Google Honeycomb Tablet XOOM in New Promo Video

Motorola has unveiled a new promo that shows off the first Honeycomb tablet, XOOM. It will be a Google experience device free from any skins such as MotoBlur. Honeycomb will be a true tablet OS, unlike Samsung’s tablet effort with Froyo on Samsung Tab.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1 Froyo

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1 Froyo

A lot of users have been sending me in messages lately for a guide on how to root a Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1 Froyo. The one click root method doesn’t work anymore so you have to put in a little more effort to root your phone now.

How to Install MeeGo on Nexus S [Guide]

Want MeeGo on your Nexus S? Your wish has been granted. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who has managed to port MeeGo to HTC HD2 and run Ubuntu on Nexus S made this break through earlier. While it’s not in a useable condition, it’s good for those who love tinkering around with their phones. Here’s what works(…)

How to Install Ubuntu on Nexus S Natively [Guide]

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has managed to putt off another new hack on Nexus S. This time, he’s managed to get Ubuntu booting on Nexus S although the touchscreen doesn’t work yet due to kernel issues which he hopes to fix with MeeGo stuff.

New Videos of Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS for Tablets Leaked

New Videos of Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS for Tablets Leaked

Ever since the launch of T-Mobile’s G1 phone, Android has been sold like hotcakes. The Operating System has pretty much ruled the OS market along with iOS and as we speak it continues to grow further on cellular networks. Android 3.0 Honeycomb is the latest Android update mainly for tablets but it is yet to(…)

Preview: Xperia Play PlayStation Phone – Not by Sony though

While everyone was expecting Sony Ericsson to reveal Xperia Play, the PlayStation phone, at CES, it didn’t just happen. But a Chinese blog got their hands on the PlayStation phone and did a thorough hands on preview of the device. It seems like it’s every bit as good as fanboys have dreamed it to be.(…)

Samsung Nexus S Goes Hyper Fast: Hummingbird Processor Overclocked To 1.3 GHz!

It sounded bit of an overkill to many when Samsung announced the 1GHz Hummingbird processor for its latest android handset, the Nexus S. Well, the already fastest mobile processor in the market, has been cranked up even further by overclocking at 1.3 GHz. Xda-developers forum member, Morfic has released a kernel that allows the Gingerbread(…)

Samsung Galaxy S: 10 Million Units Sold Worldwide…And Counting!

From the looks of it, its pretty much clear that there is no stopping to what Samsung is aiming at in 2011 and beyond. Already having sold over 10 million units of Samsung Galaxy S, the best selling android phone in the world, Samsung is still looking strong to take this number way above its(…)

Apple’s iPod Touch Has A New Rival: Samsung Galaxy Player

Apple’s iPod Touch Has A New Rival: Samsung Galaxy Player

It seems that Samsung is catching up with Apple pretty fast by producing a counter to its hottest selling gadgets one by one. First came the Galaxy S competing the iPhone, then the Galaxy Tab to match the iPad and now they are planning to launch Galaxy Player which is aimed at rivaling the iPod(…)

Google Nexus S massive 22% Price Cut!!

Talk about Christmas sales, because this year Carphone Warehouse have gone mad and shaved off a massive 22% off the price for Googles new £549.99 Smartphone to only £429.99!!  for a SIM-free handset. It is still unsure why CPW have made this massive cut and even more importantly if people who have already ordered the(…)