Flash 10.1 released to partners as content providers line-up

The beta version of Flash 10.1 was released about a month ago and now Adobe has released Flash 10.1 for mobile platforms. It will work on many  devices like Android (2.2+), BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows Phone 7, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS.

Acer announces Ferrari branded Android 2.1 powered ‘Liquid E’

Acer have a long history of making Ferrari branded products. These have included laptops with the Ferrari paint as well as look and feel. Now that they’ve entered the smartphone territory with Android handsets, it’s only appropriate for them to make a Ferrari branded Android phone. Named Liquid E, this gorgeous looking phone could very(…)

Android OS for iPod Touch is in the works

Recently, Android OS was modified to run on the iPhone 2G ( check out our guide on how to install it ). Almost a week ago, it was demoed running on an iPhone 3G as well. Now it appears that it is being hacked to run on the iPod Touch (1st generation) as well without(…)

Google and Verizon are working on Android Based Tablet

About a month ago we heard some rumors that Google will launch their version of a tablet computer soon which will have Android OS in it. Now, it looks like Google and Verizon are working together on an Android based tablet which will compete with Apple’s iPad. Verizon CEO revealed their plans to The Wall(…)

Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ desktop spotted in a video

Ryan Stewart has uploaded a video on YouTube in which he has the latest version of Flash, 10.1 running on his Nexus One. The OS seems to be Android 2.2, codenamed Froyo. We also know that Adobe has given Android phones to all their employees.

Android port for iPhone 3G demoed on Video

After the recent popular demonstration of Android running on iPhone 2G, Planetbeing has managed to get Android running on the iPhone 3G as well. In this build of Android, sound doesn’t work really well and the graphics drivers aren’t optimized, but WiFi works from what we can tell by watching the video. Openiboot has also(…)

Google stops investigating fix for Nexus One 3G problem

Looks like Google was finding it difficult to find a solution for the Nexus One 3G problem and they have given up now. Google was receiving many complaints from Nexus One users about 3G service problems in their phones and when they were not able to find any solution they blamed T-Mobile that they have(…)

Flash to hit Android, WebOS and BlackBerry in 2H 2010

According to an interview with Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen on FOX, Flash is going to hit Android, WebOS and Blackberry in the second half of the year 2010 after being given the cold shoulder by Apple. Check out the full video interview after the break.

Android based Google tablet rumored to launch soon

The iPad was launched just a some time ago and was able to sell 450,000 within a few days. Another tablet, Joo Joo was also launched just a few days ago and sold less than 100 units worldwide. We also know that HP will be launching their Slate PC soon, possibly in July. Microsoft is(…)

Google Maps 4.1 available now for Android

After a month when Google Maps 4.0 was released comes another update 4.1. The best thing about this update is that it adds a latitude gadget on the home screen. The new Maps app makes finding people and places quick and easy.

Android 2.1 for Motorola Droid coming soon!

Droid users, rejoice! Android 2.1 update is just around the corner, and it will be the full fledged update, with live wallpapers, 3D gallery and other features unlike previously rumored. The update version will be AP: ESE53/BP: C_01.3E.03P. The update is expected to be rolled out this week. The update roll out begins tomorrow.

Read eBooks on your PC, iPhone and Android with iBis Reader

Ibis reader is a free eBook reader for mobile phones, laptop, tablets and netbooks which helps you find the best books online. You can get hold of your favorite books and read them anywhere on your laptop or mobile device and keep them in sync on all your gadgets.. The best thing about iBis reader(…)

Market Enabler lets you access paid apps in Android Market

A lot of Android users complain about the unavailability of paid apps in the Android Market, because they don’t live in the few areas where paid apps are available. If you happen to be one of those users, this can be easily fixed by using Market Enabler.

Android 2.1 Update Announced for US phones

Android is becoming a popular OS for mobile phones these days and many new phones have been announced which will run the latest Android 2.1 but the release date of those mobile phones is not yet confirmed and many people are eager to update there phones to the latest OS. Right now, only Google Nexus(…)

Android Market holding highest percentage of free apps

  Who doesn’t love free applications? But I don’t mind paying for professional high-quality applications, but come on! Who wouldn’t like using free apps! According to Distimo, Android Market has the highest percentage of free applications (don’t forget it has 25,000+ apps! available.

Google Earth for Android 2.1 Released!

Google Earth for Android was revealed during the Google Nexus One launch event, but it wasn’t available for public use back then in the Android Marketplace. Well now it’s finally available in the Marketplace for you to download and check out it’s features!