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Apple News to allow third party ad solutions soon

Apple News

Apple plans to open up advertising in News app to third party ad solutions soon, based on a new report for AdAge. Publishers would be able to use third party ad serving technology like Google DoubleClick to earn revenue from their content. Currently, Apple allows publishers to monetize their content in Apple News app by …

Enable Type to Siri in iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

Type to Siri in iOS 11

With iOS 11, you can now type to communicate with Siri on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Type to Siri feature lets you do as the name describes, without the need to use voice commands. You still get to use the same functions that Siri normally provides. Here is how you can turn it …

Snapchat adds voice filters, backdrops and links in new update

Snapchat Paperclip backdrops

Snapchat has released an update which allows you to add website links, backdrops to your snaps and record videos in different voices. The latest update, version 10.12, is now available worldwide for iOS and Android. These features further extend the creative toolset that Snapchat provides to its users to create entertaining and expressive stories.

Sideload iOS apps without jailbreak using Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor

There are different ways of sideloading apps to your iOS device. Perhaps the most popular method is jailbreak but it is not often feasible as the latest iOS versions rarely get jailbroken. Another method is using Xcode but that is only applicable to Mac users as it is not available for Windows users. Luckily, there …