This is a really easy way on how to make a Micro SIM card from a regular SIM card lying around – all you need is a pair of scissors and a chef knife. It’s not rocket science and you can do it too.

Create a Micro SIM card from a regular SIM card

The regular SIM card which we use in our cell phones are pretty much the same thing as the Micro SIM card which we’ve seen shipping along with the iPad 3G from AT&T. The only difference is the size of the plastic jacket keeping all the main SIM components in place. So, cut all that excess plastic off with a pair of scissors, trim the edges even further with a chef knife (and please don’t come to us if you have 9 fingers after performing this feat instead of 10). You can see the images on how it is done.

What’s the point of making your own Micro SIM? Simple, if you just don’t like AT&T’s regular data packages with your iPad 3G, and you think it might just not be suitable for you, then it’s a great way to get away with it, and the best part is, it simply works! The original source has the instructions in detail along with more images on how to make a Micro SIM to use with your iPad 3G. [via Engadget]