Apple Card ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction among the Midsize Credit Card segment according to J.D Power

A new research study by J.D. Power shows that Apple Card, backed by Goldman Sachs, ranked highest among the Midsize Credit Card segment across all the categories including credit card terms, communication, benefits and services, rewards, interaction, and such.

This win comes just two years after the launch of the Apple Card, however, the credit card is currently only available in the United States. Apple Card is a no-fee credit card that provides customers with a reliable and seamless way to manage their finances from the Apple Wallet app on iPhone. The credit card also offers Daily Cash rewards based on customer spending.

Apple Card Family

Apple Card ranked highest among the Midsize Credit Card segment, according to J.D Power

The 2021 US Credit Card Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power recognized the credit card by Apple just after two years since its launch. According to Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay:

It is exciting to be recognized with this first J.D. Power win, just two years after introducing Apple Card in 2019 and the first time being included in the study. We designed Apple Card to help our customers lead healthier financial lives, so it’s incredibly meaningful to see that our customers are valuing this. Being recognized as the leader in this category this year is an honor, and we look forward to conurnuing to deliver this product, service, and support with our award-winning issuer as Apple Card expands to more and more customers across the U.S.

Apple Card

Recently, the Cupertino tech giant expanded the benefits of its card with Apple Card Family which allows customers to share an account with their Family Sharing group and focus on building healthy financial habits together.

As for the future of Apple Card, the company hinted that it is planning to remove its magnetic stripes from all cards starting in 2027 in the United States. Since Apple claims to provide the most security available with a minimalistic card, it is reasonable to remove magnetic stripes. Moreover, the adoption of Apple Pay is making physical credit and debit cards appear obsolete.

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