Metabolism tracking app Lumen coming to Apple Watch

Lumen was launched last year as the world’s first device that measures metabolism in real-time via a user’s breath. Lumen is now launching a companion app for Apple Watch that allows users to see their results right from their Watch.

Apple Watch app Lumen

Apple Watch users can now track their metabolism via Lumen

The device is aimed at helping users improve their metabolic health by optimizing their nutrition, sleep, workouts, and other factors for better “metabolic flexibility.” It does this by analyzing a user’s breath to gather metabolism. The startup firm crowdfunded its project back in 2018 and raised an estimated $2.3 million.

Whether users are looking to gain muscle, lose weight, optimize their athletic performance or even if they simply want to understand how their diet and exercise are affecting their metabolism, Lumen is a relatively affordable choice. Going to a clinic or a hospital to get your metabolism analyzed might not be a feasible option for a lot of people. Lumen offers powerful metabolic insight into the inner workings of an individual’s body. The device also works with Apple Health to sync data on a user’s activity and sleep.

Lumen device

The analyzer will soon gain Apple Watch support which will allow users to analyze their breath using the Lumen device. Users will be able to access the results directly from their Apple Watch. In addition to this, users will get real-time notifications about what to eat before workouts, the impact of certain workouts on their metabolism, and more. The update will most likely be released in September.

A Lumen device can be purchased starting at $199. Alongside the device, users are also required to purchase a $19-a-month subscription from the company’s website. The Lumen app is available from the App Store.

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