BlackSight app for iOS brings Night Mode to older iPhone models for free

With the release of iPhone 11, Apple introduced the long-awaited Night Mode to its stock camera app. Night Mode helps users to capture stunning images in low light. Though it is an excellent addition to iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, anyone who has an older iPhone model cannot take advantage of it.

That’s where BlackSight comes in. The app offers Night Mode for iPhone 6s and above and it even supports low-light selfies. BlackSight is an excellent choice for individuals who are satisfied with their older iPhone models and do not want to buy a new phone just for Night Mode.


BlackSight brings Night Mode to older iPhone models

BlackSight uses computational photography to help capture brighter images with little noise in low-light conditions, much like Apple’s own Night Mode. Furthermore, all the image processing is done on your device to protect privacy. The app description reads:

”BlackSight is a computational photography app designed to take brighter and images with little amount of noise in low light conditions. Using sophisticated long exposure algorithms, it can capture high quality photos in dark environments without requiring any internet connection. Your photos are processed locally on your device , hence protecting your privacy.”BlackSight

BlackSight is compatible with all lenses on iPhone including the front-facing camera (note that front camera is not supported for iPhone 6s/6s+). There are several intuitive features that help users to get the best image they can including manual focus, a soft torch for illuminating extremely dark scenes, smart white balance correction to reduce yellowish tint, and more.


BlackSight is available on the App Store for free and users can remove the watermark on images with a one-time in-app purchase of $3.99. The app requires iOS 13.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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