Boom! White iPhone 4 Disappears from Apple Online Store. Gone for Good?

Apple pulls out another magic trick. Recently, the white iPhone 4 has been all over the news with an official statement from Apple about the delay been extended to Spring of 2011. The white iPhone 4 made an appearance in the official Apple Store app for iPhone as well, giving everyone hopes of some good news soon but it seems like it wasn’t meant to be. The latest update is that the white iPhone 4 has totally disappeared from the online Apple Store. Magical.WhiteiPhone41Here’s proof of its disappearance:White iPhone 4This is what it used to look like before:White iPhone 4 Before

What started as a slight delay to end of July after the official iPhone 4 launch extended to the end of this year. UK Carrier Orange then reported that we shouldn’t expect a white iPhone 4 before the end of this year either. The delay was reported to be due to backlight leakage in the white iPhone 4 which made manufacturing it more difficult than the black iPhone 4 model.

Apparently, the back light from the iPhone display screen is leaking out around the edges of the glass and seeping through the back of the white phone, according to a person familiar with the manufacturing process.

As the source described it, if it were a metal or plastic material, a simple coating would fill in the gaps and block the internal light. Glass is an entirely different issue.

According to BoyGeniusReport’s source, the white iPhone 4 has been cancelled altogether. There would be another delay reported in the expected Spring of 2011 release frame given by Apple after which the focus would turn to iPhone 5 in summer. Although, for those wanting to be optimistic, the white iPhone 4 is still visible on Apple’s product page gallery.White iPhone 4 Gallery

No official confirmation or denial from Apple so we can only keep on speculating.

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