Download WiFi Booster & Enhance iPhone WiFi Signal Strength [Cydia]

A brand new jailbreak tweak knows as WiFi Booster, has just hit the Cydia store which virtually boosts your iPhone’s WiFi signal. Well, to be more precise, the tweak actually makes a few changes to the Settings app allowing it to show all WiFi networks in range even those with the poorest signal. This is achieved by reducing the signal threshold at which WiFi hotspots are shown as “available” in the iOS Settings. WiFi Booster removes this threshold and thus shows us even the most far away WiFI networks, which frankly speaking, isn’t of much use.

Download WiFi Booster & Enhance iPhone WiFi Signal Strength [Cydia]

Apart from this, the tweak also shows the MAC address and strength of the networks inside the Settings, while the name of the WiFi networks is shown below it. Check out the demo video below to watch WiFi Booster in action:

You can download WiFi Booster via Cydia store for $1.99.

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