iOS 16 allows up to 200 custom Lock Screen wallpapers

A user has discovered that there is a limit to how many custom Lock Screens can be created and stored in the Lock Screen gallery.

iOS 16 - lock screen

iOS 16 expanded the freedom for customization to the Lock Screen by letting users set the color and font of time and date, add widgets, apply filters, and use the depth effect to display the subject of an image over the clock to create a variety of different wallpapers for different modes, events and more.

All personalized Lock Screens are stored in a gallery for users to easily search for and set the custom wallpaper they prefer.

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iOS 16 users can only save 200 Lock Screen wallpapers at a time

Reddit user @XiXMak shared a screenshot that displayed the message that the user had to remove one existing Lock Screen wallpaper to create a new one. The set limit for custom Lock Screens is 200.

iOS 16 - lock screen

Having said that, up to 200 custom wallpapers does not really appear as a restrictive limit. Most of the commentators on the post shared that they have hardly over 10 custom Lock Screen wallpapers.

And more importantly, several commentators applauded the @XiXMak effort to discover the limit.

Previously, it was found that the latest iOS update added a new “Wallpaper” crop option in the Photos app for users to conveniently resize images to set as their Lock Screen, Home Screen, and other display pictures. And it has also removed support for older iPhone wallpapers and Live wallpapers.

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