MacBook Air with mini-LED display in 2022, MacBook Pro with mini-LED in 2021

Apple will launch a new MacBook Air in 2002 with the upcoming mini-LED display technology, while new high-end Apple Silicon MacBook Pro models with mini-LED displays will launch later this year. Compared to the current LCD displays used in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the new mini-LED displays will feature higher contrast ratios, improved brightness, and better colors, bringing their quality closer to OLED displays.

MacBook Air with mini-LED display

MacBook Air with mini-LED display in 2022, MacBook Pro with mini-LED display in 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in his new investors note today that the entry model MacBook Air will increase the adoption of mini-LED display tech compared to iPad, as only high-end iPad Pro models will feature the tech for a while.

We expect that the new ‌MacBook Air‌ will adopt a mini LED in 2022, increasing MacBook’s mini LED adoption rate. In contrast, only high-end iPad models will use mini LED displays, and the overall growth momentum may be lower than that of MacBooks.

The new redesigned MacBook Pro models launched later this year will also help with the adoption of the new display technology. Kuo notes that it is much easier to produce mini LED displays for MacBooks, compared to producing them for iPad, which is why they will not be made available for the cheaper iPad Air, iPad mini, and regular iPad models. Instead, Apple will be introducing OLED displays on iPad Air in 2022, to give it an edge over the regular iPad model.

We expect the new MacBook Pro will boost the shipment of mini LED displays in 2H21 because the new MacBook Pro will equip with mini LED displays, and MacBook’s mini LED display is less challenging to produce than the ‌iPad‌. We forecast that mini LED display shipments in 2021 and 2022 to be 10 million and 20–30 million, respectively.

The M1 MacBook Air launched without any design or display changes, with only the new Apple Silicon chip. It is expected that Apple will redesign its MacBooks started with the new Pro models later this year, which is also when they will get the mini-LED displays. The redesign is expected to come to MacBook Air and the cheaper 13-inch MacBook Pro next year, along with mini-LED.

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