Microsoft reveals OneDrive 3.0 with new design, Copilot AI, sharing features and more

Microsoft has revealed a major new update for its OneDrive cloud file storage and sharing service for Microsoft 365 users called OneDrive 3.0. The latest update includes some redesigned UI elements and several new features.

OneDrive is a free cloud storage service from Microsoft. It allows users to store their files online and access them from anywhere and on any device. The service also makes it easy to share files with others and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft reveals OneDrive 3.0 with new design and several new features

OneDrive has a new “For you” area that uses AI to show personalized file recommendations and more

OneDrive 3.0 features a new design and several new features including:

  • A new “For you” area that uses AI to surface personalized file recommendations.
  • A new carousel view at the top of the Home page that displays recommended files and folders.
  • The ability to search for files in a people view.
  • Improved sharing and organizational features for business users.
  • New AI capabilities, such as the ability to search photos through facial recognition.

Microsoft reveals OneDrive 3.0 with new design and several new features

Here is everything in OneDrive 3.0

New design

The latest version of the cloud service features a new design that is more modern and user-friendly. The new home page is more focused on helping users find the files they need quickly and easily. The “For you” area surfaces personalized file recommendations based on your past activity and interests. The carousel view at the top of the page displays recommended files and folders, as well as upcoming meetings and other events.

New sharing features

OneDrive 3.0 adds new sharing features. For example, users can now share files with specific people or groups, and they can set expiration dates for shared links. Users can also now create secure folders that require additional authentication to access.

Copilot AI

The new update introduces a new AI-powered feature called Copilot AI. Copilot AI can assist users in finding, organizing, and sharing files. For example, users can ask Copilot AI to find all of the files that they have shared with a specific person, or they can ask Copilot AI to organize their files by project.

Other new features

  • The ability to sync files on demand which saves space on the device.
  • The ability to scan documents and save them directly to OneDrive.
  • The ability to preview files without downloading them.
  • The ability to access OneDrive files from any device, including the web browser.


OneDrive 3.0 is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released to all Microsoft 365 users in early 2023.

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