How to open apps and websites using Spotlight Search on iPhone

Spotlight Search is a native iOS feature that makes it easier for users to search for apps, shortcuts, and information on the web directly through this iOS-exclusive feature. Search looks through your entire iOS device including your contacts, emails, music, etc.

If you are running iOS 14 or iPadOS14, you can launch apps and search for things online even quicker. Here is a simple guide on how you can use the updated Spotlight Search on your iOS device.

Spotlight Search on iPhone

Use Spotlight Search to launch apps

  1. To find apps using Search, swipe down on your iPad or iPhone’s home screen to reach the search bar.
  2. Start typing the name of the app you want to open in the search field, Search will automatically fill in the rest of the app’s name. It will also highlight the app and display it at the top of your search list.Spotlight Search on iPhone
  3. Next, press the Go button on the keyboard of your iOS device.

Use Search to visit websites

The updated Spotlight search uses Apple’s own web search engine to provide users with the most relevant information without having to browse the web for it. Simply tapping a web result directly opens the webpage in Safari.

A new feature in Apple’s newest software is that you can open specific websites directly from Search.

  1. Enter the website’s URL. Search will auto-fill the name of the webpage after a few characters. Spotlight Search on iPhone
  2. Once you see the name of the website, tap Go on your keyboard to open the website in Safari.

Use Search to open Shortcuts

Another feature introduced in Apple’s latest software update is the ability to search and launch shortcuts right from Search. 

  1. Access Search, and type the name of your Shortcut.Spotlight Search
  2. Tap the shortcut from the search results or press Go.

We hope this guide helped you learn how to open apps and websites using Spotlight Search on iPhone

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