The Curious Case Of Microsoft’s Ever Changing Brand Names

Whether you are a Microsoft fan or not, you can not deny that they are one of the top companies in the tech industry that has changed the landscape of computing through decades of innovation. Although difficult to believe, yours truly, is one of the long term Microsoft fans who have kept an eye on(…)

Google Introduces Free Voice Calls From Hangouts on Android, iOS and the Web

Google has finally begin migrating Google Voice to Hangouts by introducing free (and paid) voice calls on Android, iOS and the web. Google already had the calling feature available on their old Google talk interface but this feature took ages to appear in the new Hangouts apps and interface.

Reddit AMA Apps Now Available for iPhone and Android

Reddit has released official AMA apps for iPhone and Android. Reddit’s AMA (ask me anything) section has really gone mainstream with celebrities making appearances and answering all sorts of questions from the community. The likes of President Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Game of Thrones cast members have only helped boost its popularity.

Facebook Adding New Features to Videos Including View Counts

Facebook has announced the addition of new features to its video platform, after reaching a milestone of 1 billion daily views across its website. While we take features such as view count and related videos as granted on websites like YouTube, Facebook has finally decided that its users and publishers also deserve these features along(…)

VMWare 7 Now Available With Support for OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1

VMWare has announced the release of VMWare Fusion 7 with support for OS X Yosmite and Windows 8.1, along with improved performance and optimization. VMWare has one of the best virtualization solutions available for Mac and the latest release stays true to its reputation.