iOS 5 Beta 4 shows new Use Cellular Toggle Switch on iPod Touch

We posted a rumor just a few days ago that Apple was going to release a new iPod Touch 5, that would support 3G connectivity. Now, with the newest iPod Touch Beta, we found a “Use Cellular” Toggle Switch. The best explanation for this is that Apple forgot to take it out and was meant for the iPhone version of iOS. However, we still want to believe the Apple will release an iPod Touch with 3G connectivity. In any case, we will have to wait until the official announcement, which could be coming as early as next month.

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David is a Systems Engineer by day and a Competitive Triathlete on the weekends. He is an avid Apple fan who also loves everything Google. He writes on everything and loves to share news with fellow techies.

  • Daniel Helmstedt

    we all know that the original screenshot of this was taken at 1:22AM on the 24th… I would especially know since I am the one who took all 3 screenshots on the 9to5mac site. So why bother taking A screenshot 11 hours later and calling it your own finding?

    • Funny, you seem to think that only the OS build you installed seemed to have this option available for discovering and others were eating peanuts meanwhile. I don’t appreciate your claim to this ‘finding’ here.

      • Daniel Helmstedt

        Aimed at me or the entire post? I don’t appreciate the post’s claim of finding it, mainly because the screenshot was taken hours after the 9to5mac post was made…

        • Obviously you.
          We always credit 9to5mac where necessary but our author found this himself so his claim stands correct.

  • Daniel Helmsedt

    found it himself… 10 hours and 46 minutes after the screenshot on 9to5mac was taken..

    • Exactly. ’nuff said.