*chirp – Best. Windows Twitter Client. Ever.

*chirp – Best. Windows Twitter Client. Ever.

While I absolutely loved Destroy Twitter, *chirp by thirteen23 has totally blown me away! It’s the kind of application that’ll make you proud of being a Windows user and jealous if you’re not. Built on WPF (Windows Presentation Framework), *chirp gives you an experience that really surprises you from the word go.

Office 14 alpha screenshots leaked

Office 14 alpha was recently released to TAP, and the screenshots have already been leaked by a Russian website WZor.Net. The UI looks a lot whiter, just like the new Windows 7 explorer and Windows Live apps UI. According to

New Windows Live sidebar gadget, and it’s not that good

“What’s New” feed on your desktop. You can receive real-time updates on what your friends are doing across multiple social networks right from your desktop. Be the first to know when your friends upload photos, add new friends to their networks, change their status messages and post comments. It’s quick and easy to add the Windows Live What’s New Sidebar Gadget (Beta).

Use OS X like stack in Windows 7!

Use OS X like stack in Windows 7!

Don’t you just love the stacks feature in Apple’s OS X Dock? It would have been great if Microsoft could implement such a feature in the awesome new Windows 7 superbar, but sadly, that’s something we can only dream of, since it’ll be called a rip off. But if you really really want a stack in your superbar like the one in the image below, read on.

Free Windows 7 Themes

In Windows 7, we finally see the return of themes. Windows XP and Vista had a themes feature as well, but that didn’t really offer much customization for the end user as in previous Windows versions or Windows 7 now. I’ve complied 22 themes for Windows 7 users, to start with their testing of the beta releasing tomorrow. I’ve used some of the wallpapers I had, and would continue making new themes if the response is good from my readers. So head on to the Windows 7 Themes section and download away!

Does your device work with Windows 7 Device Stage yet?

Windows 7 has a very interesting new feature called Device Stage. With a compatible device, it will give you access to all the tasks along with a photo realistic image of it. It’ll also show you information such as battery life, storage capacity and other such information. This is one of the best features of …

Steve Ballmer’s CES Keynote

Just in case you missed it, here’s the full video of Steve Ballmer’s keynote. The video is quiet lengthy so I suggest you get your popcorn ready before you sit down for it. It’s interesting how he starts with, “So, this is CES!”. He even tells of how he keeps ignoring Facebook friend requests from …

Over 100 Free Literary Masterpieces by Zinio

While I’m not really a fan of reading novels or books, I must say reading them on my  notebook has given me second thoughts about it ( although it still can never persuade me to read Harry Potter! ). Zinio has provided over 100 all time classics Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Beowulf and …

Network Utilization Gadget for Windows Vista and 7

Network Utilization Gadget for Windows Vista and 7

Call it the best feature or worst of Windows Vista, but the Sidebar is undeniably very useful. I find it more useful than OS X’s Dashboard or Yahoo Widgets to an extent. Although, it’s a fact that the sidebar takes a lot of memory in Vista and slows down the boot so it’s better kept …

How the new Unibody Apple Macbooks are manufactured

While the world may be going through the worst recession in decades, you can still enjoy luxury and premium style thanks to Apple. Apple’s unibody manufacturing process is amazing, and makes you hate your non-Apple notebook as it doesn’t seem to get that much care during manufacturing. Apple has posted this video of the new …