Apple could discontinue iPhone 13 mini after “Wonderlust” event

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini in 2020, followed by the iPhone 13 mini a year later. At the time, it seemed like the mini iPhone models would do well in the market, particularly because fans of smaller phones were thrilled when Apple introduced the smaller form factor. But after nearly three years on the market, the 5.4-inch device may be discontinued by Apple.

BOE- iPhone 14

Though Apple attempted to promote the iPhone 12 mini, it did not yield the expected results. Just three months after its October 2020 launch, reports showed slow sales for the iPhone 12 mini, while other models like the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max gained popularity.

Sales for the iPhone 12 mini dwindled further in early 2021, with only a 5% share in the first half of January. Apple reacted by increasing iPhone 12 Pro production and cutting iPhone 12 mini production by 70% in the first half of 2021, eventually suspending iPhone mini production ahead of schedule.

While some analysts predicted that consumer interest in the mini iPhone variant would pick up with the next generation, the iPhone 13 mini also saw lackluster sales, just like its predecessor. So much so that Apple dropped the 5.4-inch iPhone from the iPhone 14 lineup in favor of a larger “Plus,” model.

iPhone 13 mini stock running low, discontinuation likely

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via MacRumors), the iPhone 13 mini is facing dwindling stock levels, with some models showing shipping estimates of 2-3 weeks and others stretching to 6-8 weeks on Apple’s U.S. online store. All signs point to the possibility of Apple bidding adieu to the iPhone 13 Mini after the upcoming “Wonderlust” event where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

In an unconventional move, Apple chose not to release an iPhone 14 mini last year, instead retaining the iPhone 13 mini as a budget-friendly option, with prices starting at $599 in the United States. If you’ve been eyeing the iPhone 13 mini, now might be your last chance to grab one before it potentially disappears from Apple’s lineup.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini pink

Following the event, Apple’s iPhone offerings will likely include the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus, 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro, 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max, 4.7-inch iPhone SE, and the 6.1-inch iPhone 14.

For those who prefer pocket-sized devices, Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE might be the only option left. However, even the iPhone SE is rumored to undergo a transformation with a larger 6.1-inch display in the coming years. It appears that Apple has acknowledged that smaller phones may not be as popular as initially anticipated.

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