Apple Watch Series 10 to get blood pressure and sleep apnea tracking but no redesign

The excitement surrounding the Apple Watch Series 10 has been palpable, with users eagerly awaiting this groundbreaking wearable’s tenth anniversary. Despite initial rumors predicting a complete redesign, recent reports suggest that Apple may focus more on internal upgrades rather than an overhaul of its iconic design.

Apple Watch Series 10 anniversary redesign and features

The first generation Apple Watch introduced the world to a new kind of wearable technology, combining sleek design with powerful functionality. Over the years, Apple has introduced various models, including the Series 2 with GPS capabilities, the Series 3 with cellular connectivity, and the Series 4 with a larger display and ECG feature. The Series 5 brought the always-on display, while the Series 6 introduced blood oxygen monitoring. Most recently, the Series 7, 8 and 9 have refined these features, enhancing performance and user experience.

Initial speculations about the Series 10 predicted a significant redesign to commemorate the watch’s tenth anniversary. However, as the release date approaches, it appears that these expectations may have been overly optimistic. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman now suggests that the Series 10 will maintain a design similar to previous models, with upgrades focusing on internal components and display enhancements.

Despite the lack of a major redesign, the Series 10 is expected to introduce several key features that will enhance its functionality and user experience. A new chipset promises improved performance and efficiency. Battery life has always been a crucial factor for wearable devices, and the Series 10 is expected to deliver significant improvements in this area. Enhanced battery life will make the watch more convenient for users, while faster charging times will ensure that they spend less time waiting for their device to power up.

Health monitoring has always been a cornerstone of the Apple Watch’s appeal, and the Series 10 is set to take this to the next level. New sensors for hypertension detection will help users track their blood pressure trends, while sleep apnea monitoring will use sleep and breathing patterns to identify potential issues.

Apple Watch series 8

For sleep apnea detection, the watch will use sleep and breathing patterns to estimate the condition and direct users to see a physician. The blood pressure sensor rollout will be phased, initially informing users if their blood pressure is trending upward and offering a journal for noting activities during hypertension. Future versions could provide exact numbers and diagnose related conditions, but that remains far off.

Leaked CADs for the Apple Watch Series 10 suggest that the new model will be similar to previous versions. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts at least one significant change: bigger display sizes with 45mm and 49mm versions.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 3, another highly anticipated release, is expected to retain the rugged and robust design of its predecessors. While significant design changes are unlikely, the Ultra 3 may feature enhanced displays and improved durability, making it an excellent choice for adventurers and fitness enthusiasts. The absence of major redesigns suggests that Apple is focusing on refining the Ultra series’ core strengths rather than reinventing it.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Although the Series 10 and Ultra 3 are not expected to incorporate features from the Apple Intelligence suite, they could lay the groundwork for future AI enhancements. As AI technology continues to advance, future Apple Watch models might leverage these capabilities to provide even more personalized and proactive health and fitness guidance.

One potential downside of the Series 10 is the rumored change in band compatibility. Long-time Apple Watch users who have invested in a variety of bands may find this frustrating. However, this change could also pave the way for new and innovative band designs that offer better functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Apple has a well-established pattern of announcing new products in the fall, followed by a spring release. This strategy generates significant hype and anticipation, and the Series 10 is expected to follow this timeline.

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