Download Windows 12 wallpapers in full resolution

Download your Windows 12 wallpapers in their full resolution that can be used on any Windows device. Addy Visuals has designed wallpapers for his Windows 12 concept which are available for free download.

While Windows 12’s release is not even on the way, it didn’t stop designer Addy Visuals from showcasing his vision for Microsoft’s future operating system. The wallpapers are very well done and will look awesome on the Windows device’s background/lock screen.

Windows 12 Shapes Blue

Windows 12 wallpapers

Windows 12 wallpapers are available in Blue, Dark, Red (which looks more like pink), and Yellow. The below wallpapers will look beautiful on your screen. You can then set them as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper by going to Settings > Personalization > Background/Lock screen.

To download the wallpapers for the Windows 10, Windows 11, or earlier versions background, click on the link below to save them at their full resolution.

Download all four variations of wallpapers directly from the link here.

  • BlueWindows 12 Shapes Blue
  • Yellow Windows 12 Shapes Yellow
  • Red Windows 12 Shapes Red
  • Dark Windows 12 Shapes Dark

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