How to easily add Santa hat on your Memoji on iOS and iPadOS

In addition to Animoji, Apple lets users create Memojis on iOS and iPadOS, cartoonish character, that represents their physical self, personality, mood or alter ego. Custom Memojis can be sent in iMessage and FaceTime video calls that make conversations fun, creative and exciting by using them as stickers or animated versions that use your sound and mirror your facial expressions.

For the Holiday season, you can create a personalized Santa Memoji or add a Santa hat to your animated character on iOS and iPadOS. We listed the easy-to-follow steps to bring the festive spirit to your digital conversations.


Here is how to create a Santa Memoji or add a Santa hat to your own

On iOS 14, Apple introduced an App Library or App Drawer on the Messages app with to view apps compatible with iMessage. Users can even download new apps from the App Store for iMessage. 

  1. Open an iMessage chat in the Messages app and tap on the Memoji or Stickers apps in the App Drawer at the bottom of the UI. Memoji - iOS Guide
  2. Tap on the “+” button in the Memoji app or Sticker app to start creating a custom Santa character for the Holidays. Memoji - iOS Guide
  3. Swipe through the menu under the face to select the skin, eye, head, nose, and other facial features. Memoji - iOS Guide
  4. In the “Headwear” menu, scroll down and select the Santa hat option. 
  5. Then change its colors by setting red as the “Main” color and white as the “Second” color.Memoji - iOS Guide
  6. Tap on “Done” when customization is complete to add the character to your Memoji library.Memoji - iOS Guide

From the iMessage App Store, you can download any app of your liking to create personalized Memoji or Stickers.

Memoji - iOS Guide

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