Instagram Reels: How to add lyrics to your videos

Instagram adds a new feature that allows you to add lyrics to their Reels. The feature is currently in beta testing and is expected to roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

Inspired by TikTok, Instagram Reels have become popular on social media. It’s a fun and easy way to create short, engaging videos that can help you connect with your audience through a more expressive medium. And now, the new lyrics feature can take your Reels to the next level.

Instagram Reels: The new way to add lyrics to your videos

Add lyrics to Instagram Reels to make videos more engaging and entertaining

Adding lyrics to content was previously limited to Stories on the social media platform. Now, the feature is expanding to Reels as well. The announcement was made by the company’s IG Updates broadcast channel, it said:

New feature alert. We’re rolling out a way to add song lyrics when editing your reels, just like you can on Stories: tap, add a song, and swipe left to add lyrics. We’ve seen people manually add lyrics to reels, so hope this makes it easier to use music to express yourself. Working on more updates to get creative on reels, stay tuned.

How to add lyrics to Instagram Reels:

To add lyrics to a Reel,

  1. Open the in-app camera.
  2. Select a song from the Instagram music library.
  3. Once a song has been selected, choose from a variety of lyric fonts and styles.
  4. You can also highlight specific sections of the lyrics or add a message element to their clip.
  5. Tap “Done” and record their Reel, when you are happy with the look of their lyrics.

You can use lyrics in Reels for a number of creative reasons:

  • Tell a story: Use lyrics to tell a story about life, work, or passions. For example, users could create a Reel about their recent breakup using lyrics from a sad love song, or a Reel about their new job using lyrics from an empowering anthem.
  • Express mood: Use lyrics to express current mood or state of mind. For example, if users are feeling happy, they could create a Reel using lyrics from an upbeat pop song, or if they are feeling reflective, they could create a Reel using lyrics from a more reflective song.
  • Teach audience something: Use lyrics to teach the audience about something users are passionate about. For example, if a user is a history teacher, they could create a Reel about the American Civil War using lyrics from songs from that era.
  • Challenge viewers: Use lyrics to challenge viewers to think about something in a new way. For example, users could create a Reel using lyrics from a song with a deep or ambiguous meaning, and ask their viewers to share their interpretations in the comments.

The new ability to add lyrics to Instagram Reels is a welcome addition to the platform. It gives users more creative control over their content and makes it easier for viewers to enjoy musical Reels.

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