iOS 14.5 beta 2 features 200 new emojis, Music app updates, and more

Apple released iOS 14.5 beta 2 and iPadOS 14.5 beta 2 earlier and it is jam-packed with new features. Along with the useful new features that we are already aware of, and have covered before, this update has 200 new emojis, tons of updates to the Music app, a fix for the green tint display issue for iPhone 12, new actions added to Shortcuts, privacy update for iPad microphone, and more.

The previous iOS 14.5 beta included the ability to unlock a Face ID equipped iPhone, while wearing a mask, by using Apple Watch, support for 5G while using dual-SIM on iPhone 12, App Tracking Transparency controls, support for new Xbox and PlayStation 5 controllers, and more.

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 beta 2 features

Here are all the new features and changes that have been discovered in iOS 14.5 beta 2 so far:

  • 200 new emojis are included in this update, including mixed skin color tones for couples, smileys showing exhausted face, spiral eyes, and face in cloud, new variations of heart emoji, new syringe emoji, AirPods Max emoji, and more.iOS 14.5 beta 2 new emojis Here is how the new AirPods Max emoji looks like, as per a comparison shared by Emojipedia:iOS 14.5 Beta 2
  • Music app has a lot of new updates so buckle in:
    • There is a new swipe menu for songs in lists.
    • A new download icon for songs that have already been downloaded offline.
    • A new pop-over menu when you tap the “…” button in now playing view.iOS 14.5 Music app updates
    • You can now share lyrics by long pressing on any of the lines in the lyrics view. When you see the share menu, you can share it with a beautiful design in the Messages app, or share it in an Instagram Story.iOS 14.5 Music app lyrics share
    • You can even tap and select multiple lyrics and share them too. We tested this and it has a limit on the maximum number of characters that can be selected.iOS 14.5 Music app lyrics lines share
  • Many users on Reddit and other places are reporting that the green tint display issue on iPhone 12 has been fixed with this update.
  • Users have also reported that scrolling stutter in first-party and third-party apps is gone after this update.
  • iPad (8th generation), iPad Air (4th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) can automatically mute their microphone when the Smart Folio cover is closed, for improved privacy. The iPad can detect that the cover is closed via magnets, the same mechanism which also turns off the display.
  • A new “mobile charge mode” has been discovered in the code which hints at an upcoming Apple battery pack that will work with iPhone 12 using MagSafe. The battery pack will keep iPhone 12 charged at 90% to avoid deterioration.

  • Lastly, there are new actions added to Shortcuts app including screenshots, voice & data mode toggle, and orientation lock toggle:

This is all for now. We will update this post if we find anything else that is new in iOS 14.5 beta 2.

Here are the previously discovered features and changes in iOS 14.5:

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