iPhone 13 Pro Max hits up to 27W fast charging speed

A charging compatibility test by ChargerLab reveals that the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of charging up to 27W speed when connected to a 30W or higher USB-C power brick.

Apple documents that the iPhone 13 Pro models are equipped with a lithium‑ion battery which can give up to15W charging speed connected to MagSafe wireless charging, up to 7.5W with Qi wireless charging, and connected to a 20W power adapter, can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. The tested charging speed is higher than Apple’s advertised speed.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max has a faster charging speed than iPhone 12 Pro Max

The YouTuber tested iPhone 13 Pro Max charging speed connected to 20W-100W powered bricks.

  • Connected to 20W power adapters, the mobile gave up to 19W charging speed.
  • Connected to 30W power adapters, the mobile gave up to 27W charging speed.
  • Connected to 45W-55W power adapters, the mobile gave up to 27W charging speed.
  • Connected to 60W-65W power adapters, the mobile gave up to 28W charging speed.
  • Connected to 90W-120W power adapters, the mobile gave up to 27W charging speed.

The test concludes:

ChargerLAB found that the peak charging power of the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max has reached 27W. So for this model, a 30W charger will be a good choice.

iPhone 12 Pro Max delivers up to 21W – 22W charging speed connected to a 30W power brick. Apple and third-party USB-C power adapters were used for the test which more or less yield the same results. Apple does not ship power adapters in the iPhone box anymore and retails 30W USB-C power brick separately for $49.

iPhone 13 Pro Max has received an A+ rating for its “State-of-the-art” display and impressively passed the drop test. When both iPhone 13 Pro models were dropped from 10 feet height, iPhone 13 Pro’s back got completely shattered and Pro Max had some scratches. In spite of the shattered backs, both smartphones worked normally.

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