iPhone 14 Pro randomly restarts while charging, complain users

According to numerous user reports, some iPhone 14 Pro models are randomly restarting while charging. The issue is affecting iPhone 14 Pro models regardless of whether they are being charged by Lightning cables or MagSafe chargers.

iPhone 14 Pro randomly restarting while charging for some users

No fix found as of yet for iPhone 14 Pro randomly restarting while charging issue

The issue was first brought forth on Reddit, nine days ago. Since then, numerous other users have shared experiences of their iPhone 14 Pro models also randomly restarting while charging.

I just got the iPhone 14 Pro and ever since I noticed that it restarts while charging (magsafe/cable). I cant find anything online and other than that it functions as normal. It does not restart at all while its off the charger. Anyone else having similar issues?

A fix users tried within the thread is DFU mode. DFU mode (standing for Device Firmware Update) restores an iPhone if a restart, or standard Recovery Mode, does not solve problems like errors, freezing, etc. Unfortunately, the issue continued to persist for many users even after they tried the DFU fix.

One Reddit user who tried a bunch of fixes did say that disabling background app refresh stopped their iPhone 14 Pro from randomly restarting while charging. So, if your device is also affected, it wouldn’t hurt to try this to see if it fixes the issue.

After few days of frustration i also noticed a sort of a pattern, it only happens when battery is charging between 90-95% (especially 93%) and the phone its in idle.

Since my local apple store does not have a replacement unit available and i’m not happy to wait days/week to get a replacement i started troubleshooting on my own.

And so far the only thing that worked for me (as of now two nights without reboots) is disabling background app refresh

As of right now, there is no official fix for the iPhone 14 Pro randomly restarting while charging and Apple has yet to acknowledge the issue so we do not know how widespread it is.

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