iPhone OS 4 hands on/walkthrough videos

iPhone OS 4 BetaMany popular blogs have gotten their hands on the iPhone 4 OS developer preview and have installed it on their iPhones hence a lot of hands on and walkthrough videos have popped up all over the place. So those unfortunate people who can’t try it on their own iPhone/iPod Touch (like me), can watch these videos and drool all over the new features such as multitasking, iBooks, Game Center and many more until summer when iPhone OS 4 will be publically available for all.

First up is 9to5Mac, one of my personal favorite blogs. They’ve got a lengthy 5 minute video which walks us through all the new features of the OS.

Second up is Engadget. They’ve also got a list of handy notes which are a must read if you’re interested in finding out more about how the iPhone 4 Beta build performs.

Third, we’ve got Gizmodo. They’ve uploaded the videos to their own server, so you’ll have to go to their blog to check it out.

A few good looking screenshots are also available now. Head over to Redmond Pie to check them out. If you like that watery-bubbly background, it can be downloaded here.

Unless you were living under a rock yesterday, Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4, which brings a whole lot of new features ( to their OS, not the mobile industry ), such as multitasking, iBooks, Game Center, unified inbox, Folders, 5x digital zoom in camera and many more. You can check out our complete coverage of iPhone OS 4 here.

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