iPhone HD or 4G to have a a front facing camera and LED flash

Funkyspacemonkey has been doing a little digging around in the iPhone OS 4 Beta and has found a list of new APIs which points to the inclusion of a front facing camera \and LED flash in the next generation iPhone HD or 4G ( whatever the name maybe ). iPhone_4G_flash_camera

If you look at the first 3 highlighted API names, they mention Flash and Torch. While the last highlighted API talks about an audio video capturing device which is positioned in the front. There have been other hints of a front facing camera coming to the next generation iPhone, but this seems to be a solid proof that it might happen. Funkyspacemonkey has also found a process running in the background in iPhone OS 4 called iChatAgent. iChat is Apple’s instant messaging app for OS X. While there was no mention of it at the event yesterday, it seems like Apple still might have a few surprised up its sleeve for iPhone OS 4.

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