macOS Monterey beta 10 shows Universal Control as a beta but it still does not work

In the latest macOS Monterey beta 10 for developers, Apple has started showing a ‘beta’ label for Universal Control in System Preferences. This feature was announced at WWDC 2021 as one of the highlight features in macOS Monterey and would allow users to use a single keyboard and trackpad/mouse to use a Mac and iPad. This feature would also allow users to drag and drop files between multiple devices instantly.

However, throughout macOS Monterey beta releases, the feature has never been enabled. Apple has been silent on this so far, but the new beta label in macOS Monterey beta 10 hints that the feature might be delayed.

universal control

Universal Control now shows as beta in macOS Monterey

Strangely, Apple’s website for macOS Monterey has not been updated to yet that the feature is in beta or delayed. It seems that the webpage has received no attention from Apple, as even SharePlay is not listed as delayed. When we look at the iPadOS 15 feature page on Apple’s website, it shows both Universal Control and SharePlay as “Coming later this fall.”

There has been a workaround to enable Universal Control to work between two Macs, but we do not recommend trying it unless you know what you are doing.

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It is important to note that SharePlay and Universal Control are not the only delayed features in macOS Monterey. Apple has also delayed the release of a few updates to Memories in Photos app, as well as Hide my Email for iCloud+, both of which were also announced back in WWDC 2021. iOS 15 also has its own share of delayed features, which include the aforementioned common features with macOS, as well as App Privacy Reports, Wallet IDs, Legacy Contacts, and more.

Apple is holding an event on October 18 where it is expected to announce its new M1X MacBook Pro models, as well as the release date for macOS Monterey. As the release candidate for the update is not out yet, it is highly unlikely that we will receive the final version of the new operating system right after the event.

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