Pixelmator Photo 2.3 is now called Photomator with new features and platform

Pixelmator Photo has been updated to version 2.3 which includes new features, changes, and improvements. It also brings a new name for the app, Photomator.

Pixelmator Photo 2.3

Pixelmator Photo or Photomator is a photo editing app for iOS and iPadOS. It offers a wide range of powerful tools for color adjustments, automatic selections, support for 600 RAW image formats, machine learning tech, and more.

Previously, Pixelmator Photo added Clarity and Texture adjustment tools to help recover more highlights and shadow detail in photos.

Pixelmator Photo 2.3 or Photomator will be coming to Mac

The new Photomator 2.3 offers a new design and AI-powered selective adjustments feature to easily select and edit specific areas of a photo, gradient, color, brush selections, and selection editing.

Here is everything new on Pixelmator Photo or Photomator 2.3:

  • AI-Powered Selective Adjustments offer new creative control and precision to edit specific areas of an image like people, backgrounds, or the sky with a simple tap. “For example, in landscape photos where the sky is too bright, you can select just the sky and reduce its brightness without making the entire photo darker.”

Pixelmator Photo 2.3

  • Customizable selections to create the following effects:
    • Straight-line or elliptical transitions between edited and unedited areas of a photo.
    • Adjust specific colors or entire color ranges in photos by selecting them using the eyedropper tool.
    • Make precise selections in photos by painting over them with a brush.

Pixelmator Photo 2.3

  • Smooth selection editing experience with selections to a photo appearing as individual layers so users can keep track of their edits.

Furthermore, the company has also announced that Photomator for Mac TestFlight Beta is now available to beta testers which hints that its public release is near. 

Pixelmator Photo 2.3

Current users can update their Pixelmator Photo or Photomator 2.3 via their App Store. New users can download the app from the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 14.2 or later.

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