Spirit Userland jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3/iPod Touch OS 3.1.3 and iPad OS 3.2 expected to release this Friday

A couple of weeks ago we had informed you about Spirit Userland jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3. Well as expected it may be out tomorrow, the same day on which iPad 3G is shipping. It is confirmed because earlier today Comex replied a question regarding the release date of Spirit and he answered “Friday”.


Well for those who don’t know about Spirit Userland Jailbreak, it is an all in one jailbreak solution for all the iPhone/iPod Touch models with OS 3.1.3 as well as iPad OS 3.2. Remember that it is only a jailbreak tool which works for iPhone 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2 but does not unlock the iDevices. Also it does not work out of the browser. And note that if you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod then stay away from iTunes 9.1.1 because iTunes can detect and remove it.

iHackintosh got a chance to talk with chpwn over IRC regarding this Friday release of Spirit and he replied :

Release date is not set , it certainly isnt done.Although I am working on it.Be prepared anytime.


By looking at this conversation we can assume that the release of Spirit could be delayed for some days but still Friday is the most likely day for its release.

We had been hearing buzz of how George Hotz had found an exploit which is better than what other hackers had found and he’ll be the first one to release it before the end of this month. We also got a glimpse of limera1n but later George Hotz said that he doesn’t have much time to work on the jailbreak yet and that we should look forward to Spirit.

The Dev Team has already released an updated version of redsn0w which jailbreaks iPhone OS 4.0 beta, but it’s not for the average user, neither is iPhone OS 4.0 yet. Apart from that we’ve been seeing various demo videos of iPod Touch 2G jailbroken with iPhone OS 4, multitasking on jailbroken iPhone 3G with OS 4.0 as well as other sneak peaks at what to expect.


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  1. what do i do to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g 8gb running 3.1.3.it's a MC model..plz help thankz

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