Apple Watch gains NameDrop in watchOS 10.1 beta 1

Apple today rolled out watchOS 10.1 beta 1 for testers and developers. Among standard bug fixes and tweaks, the beta update enables NameDrop for Apple Watch. The feature allows for seamless contact sharing between Apple users.


What is NameDrop?

NameDrop offers an easy way to swap contact information for iPhone and Apple Watch owners.  When you start a NameDrop session, it’s as effortless as using AirDrop to smoothly send your contact card to someone else.

This means you won’t have to go through the tedious process of typing in phone numbers when you meet new people. Instead, a simple tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch, and your contact details are shared from one device to another.


How to access NameDrop

While NameDrop was initially announced as part of WatchOS 10, it’s currently available in the developer beta, and its official release for all users is expected later this year. If you’re not interested in using beta software, you’ll need to patiently await the wider release of watchOS 10.1.

For iPhone users eager to try out NameDrop, there’s good news. iOS 17, which has already arrived, includes NameDrop capabilities. This means you can use the feature to swiftly swap contacts with other iOS 17 users, whether they have an iPhone or an Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1 beta.

How to use NameDrop on Apple Watch and iPhone

To use the feature, navigate to the Contacts app on your Apple Watch > select your contact > Tap Share. An animation will guide you to bring your watch near another Apple Watch or iPhone to initiate the contact information transfer.

Alternatively, you can utilize the My Card watch face complication and place your Apple Watch face-to-face with another device. Remember, the feature only works between devices running either WatchOS 10.1 beta or iOS 17.

Double Tap

In related news, the highly-anticipated Double Tap gesture is expected to arrive soon for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 owners. Indications of the feature have been discovered within the code of watchOS 10.1 beta.

double tap

This exciting innovation allows users to control their Apple Watch with a simple double tap of their index finger and thumb, without even touching the display. Thanks to the faster Neural Engine in the S9 chip, this feature processes data from the watch’s sensors and heart rate monitor using advanced machine learning algorithms.

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