Windows 11 gets new AI-powered Depth effects for desktop backgrounds

Microsoft is working to add a new “Depth effect” feature in Windows 11. When enabled this feature will use AI to add depth effects to desktop backgrounds.

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 brings deeper integration with AI-powered features

First spotted in Windows 11 build 25309, the new “Depth effect” feature automatically detects an object in desktop wallpaper, lifts it from the background, and places it in front. As a result, it looks like a 3D effect on the wallpaper. Currently, this feature is under development, non-functional, and disabled out of the box.

Users will have the option to enable or disable the “Depth effect” feature via Settings > Personalization > Background.Windows 11 AI personalization feature e1678702735308

(Image credit: Windows Latest)

Windows 11 will likely use the depth information of the image to blur some parts of the photo to determine which areas should be in focus.

The name of the new “Depth effect” feature could change at the time of launch, and might be renamed “AI-powered Depth Effects”. As of now, we have no information about this feature and it’s unclear when will Microsoft officially make it available on Insider builds and later in the stable build.

Microsoft has also been working to add AI integration to Snap layouts. AI-powered snap layouts feature will have the ability to remember certain app groups and can restore them with a single click. With the updated tech, it will incorporate OCR technology to enable searching for apps in the Snap Assist view.

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