Windows 11’s latest update improves Widget panel

Microsoft’s ‘web experience pack’ updates keep improving the widgets feature on Windows 11. While the big features will drop with the Moment updates but we keep seeing minor improvements on Stable Windows 11 updates almost every month.

Last month, Microsoft introduced a full-screen Widget panel for Windows 11 Stable users through a Windows web experience pack version (423.2300.0.0). Recently, the company released the web experience pack version (423.3000.10.0) to Stable Windows 11, and now users can use the most of features like the Widget panel without the sign-in requirement.

Microsoft Windows 11 Widget panel

Stable Windows 11 users can now use the Widget panel without having to sign in

Previously, Stable Windows 11 users were not able to use the Widget panel without signing in and only was possible with Insider builds. Stable Windows 11 users had to enable the feature through ViveTool.

A new report by Twitter user @Phantom Ocean, the latest web experience update makes it possible for Stable Windows 11 users to also use the Widget panel without having to sign in. The latest improvements to Widgets will enable more people to use the Widgets capability.

Microsoft also rolled out the Spotify and Phone Link widget experience to Windows 11, but it is currently limited to Insiders only. However, Microsoft might as well bring these changes in future web experience pack updates.

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