Zoom updated with Apple Silicon M1 Mac support

Zoom, the popular videoconferencing app, has received an update that brings native performance to the app on Apple Silicon-powered Macs.

According to release notes for Zoom version 5.4.59780.1220, the videoconferencing app now runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs powered by Apple’s M1 chip: the new Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro. The update also contains several new features alongside minor bug fixes and security enhancements.


Zoom updated with Apple Silicon M1 Mac support

Until now, running Zoom’s video conferencing app on a MacBook or Mac mini with an M1 processor meant using Rosetta 2 translation mode. The app worked well, but the new native Zoom client runs faster and requires less power.

The release notes for today’s update include an entry titled “Support for Apple Silicon processor,” with the description reading, “Zoom desktop client will better support computers with ARM CPUs. A separate installer is available for download in the Zoom Download Center.”

Apple Silicon Macs

Other changes in the recent update include enhancements for cloud contact integration, downloadable poll results, enhanced nonverbal feedback and reactions, the raise hand feature becoming usable by the host and co-hosts of a meeting, and improved grouping of security options when scheduling a meeting, support for text messaging, enhancements for call queues with call monitoring, and more.

The update also contains minor bug fixes and security enhancements. Full release notes are available here.

If you already have Zoom installed on your Mac, the app will automatically download the update and ask if you’d like to have it applied. However, if you own a Mac computer powered by Apple Silicon, the app has a separate installer for M1 Macs available on its website.

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