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Download and install macOS High Sierra beta 6 on your Mac

macOS High Sierra

Apple announced macOS High Sierra at WWDC 2017 with a number of new features as well as under-the-hood updates. While not a major update, High Sierra is full of refinements that will bring improved performance and stability (because of APFS), smooth system animations (thanks to Metal 2), better Siri functionality and of course, the most …

How to uninstall Java from macOS (all versions)

uninstall Java macOS

Java is a relic of the past where users had to install different runtimes to use apps. Nowadays, you rarely come across apps where you need to install Java. However, when you do, and you download and install it on your Mac, uninstalling it is simply not straight forward. You have to delete different files …

iPad sales three times more than Mac, 1.2 Billion iPhones sold

Apple Q3 2017 earnings

Apple’s quarterly earnings report is out and in case you missed it, there are some interesting details available online to bring you up to date. For a quick summary, there is no better document to see than Apple’s own summary PDF. However, along with the earnings reports, there are other tiny pieces of information to …

Gboard for iPhone gets support for Maps and YouTube

Gboard Maps YouTube IPhone

Google has added Maps and YouTube integration to Gboard, its popular keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Users can also draw doodles now and share them in different apps. Gboard was released more than a year back, after Apple introduced support for third party keyboards in iOS 9. Google’s keyboard lets users perform web …

HomePod firmware confirms iPhone 8 design and face unlock

iPhone 8

Further tinkering with the HomePod firmware has confirmed iPhone 8’s top-notch, bezel-less design and the presence of a ‘PearlID’ feature which refers to face scanning using infra-red technology. These details have been revealed on Twitter by developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo.

Sync iPhone to Mac without iTunes using SyncBird app


SyncBird is a new content management app for iOS devices that lets users easily sync music, videos, photos, books and other files, without using iTunes. The benefit of using SyncBird is that it lets you add/remove content to your iOS device from any iTunes library. When using iTunes, you can only sync content with one …

Apple Watch Jailbreak demoed at DEFCON

Apple Watch jailbreak

An Apple Watch jailbreak was demoed at DEFCON this week by Max Bazaliy, security researcher at Lookout. watchOS 3 was the jailbroken operating system demoed on stage during a presentation. Max explained the different bugs and attack vectors used to make the jailbreak possible. 

HomePod runs full iOS, reveals firmware released by Apple


Apple announced HomePod, a $349 smart speaker, at WWDC 2017. A new firmware, iOS for AudioAccessory1,1, pushed out for HomePod has been explored by developer Steve Troughton-Smith to reveal more details on the inner workings of Apple’s new speaker. These details are not of interest to the average consumer, but cater more to enthusiasts. 

Apple puts iPod nano and iPod shuffle to rest

iPod Nano

Apple has discontinued iPod nano and iPod shuffle. These were the only iPod variants left that did not have any sort of Internet connectivity or Apple Music support. They also reminded users of a time when iPhone did not exist, and iPods needed to be plugged into computers, to copy music using iTunes.

iOS 11 beta 4 is now available to download

iOS 11 beta 4

Apple has released iOS 11 beta 4 to registered Apple Developers. The update is now available via Apple Developer Center and as over-the-air update for all compatible devices. The update is less than 400 MB in size for most devices.