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4 simple design tips for your website by Google

  Found these really interesting but useful design tips to pay attention to for website owners at the Official Google Blog: Tip #1: Pass the 8 second test. At first glance, a visitor should understand the purpose of your website within a few seconds. People are busy and have limited attention spans — you want to keep them from hitting the dreaded back button. Tip …

G1 coming to Australia as HTC Dream

That’s right, G1 is coming to Australia to Optus. It is basically the same G1, according to specs, but with a different name. Engadget says it’ll launch on February 16 on with plans staring at $59 Australian per month. In case you don’t know the feature list of G1, here it is – the same for HTC Dream.

Google thinks every site may harm your computer.

Something is wrong at the Google Plex.  Apparently, no matter what you search, Google is showing this message beneath it: If this isn’t enough of a warning, click on any search result and you’ll be greeted with: No wonder, this is a trending topic on Twitter. Has Google marked all teh Internetz as malware? Is this a step towards global Internet domination? Or just a …