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Bing App for iPad Updated with new Lasso Copy and Paste!

The major enhancement in the new version is the new way of copying and pasting inside the app using the Lasso feature. BingUpdate.png With the new version of Bing, all you need to do now is just circle a word or phrase you want to search on instead of using the built in copy and paste in iOS. … Now, once you Lasso a word, it immediately does a search on the word or phrase you have selected. photo.PNG With my experience with the app, I could “Lasso” a word, and it would search in less than 2 seconds, where the iOS way would take up to 5 seconds to copy and paste into the search box in Safari.

Bing App Updated for Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced new features of their updated Bing app for Windows phones. It has two new cool features in it. First change is that it has new redesigned home page and with better navigation options. These new navigation options will give faster access to users for common searches like Movies and Traffic.