Find My app is getting support for third-party products in iOS 14

According to information revealed at WWDC, Apple’s Find My app will soon gain third-party products support. A new accessory program in iOS 14 will  allow users to easily find third party devices via the app.

The company states:

“‌Find My‌ will add support for finding third-party products and accessories with the new ‌Find My‌ network accessory program. This will allow customers to use the ‌Find My‌ app to locate other important items in their lives, in addition to their Apple devices. User privacy remains central to the ‌Find My‌ network with end-to-end encryption built in. A draft specification is available for accessory makers and product manufacturers starting today.”

find my app

Users will have to wait until the company finishes implementation for the accessory program in devices which will support Find My app tracking functionality for third party products. The expected public release of the app’s update in iOS 14 is by the end of this year.

Find My App

In 2019, the company merged Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into ‘Find My’ app to easily search for all of their Apple devices on WiFi, cellular data and even offline. Users can look for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac via Find My app version on all devices.

The app is very helpful in tracking down ones stolen or misplaced devices. Now the app is even more useful in searching for third party products like smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and others.

Find my app

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