Globalstar commits 85% of its network to Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite safety feature

One of the groundbreaking features of the new iPhone 14 series is the Emergency SOS via satellite. As per a filing published by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Apple will use 85% of Globalstar’s current and future network capacity for its latest safety feature.

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Globalstar is an American satellite communications company that operates a low Earth orbit satellite network for satellite phone and low-speed data communications in remote areas without Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Its services are available in more than 120 countries.

For Apple, the company will “provide and maintain all resources, including personnel, software, satellite, gateways, satellite spectrum and regulatory rights necessary to provide the Services”, deliver priority services, and maintain minimum quality for Apple.

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Apple to utilize its $450 million advanced manufacturing fund on 95% of Globalstar’s satellite network

Furthermore, the tech giant will fund 95% of Globalstar’s capital expenditures on maintenance and growth of its satellite network under the agreement.

As listed in the Form 8-K posted by SEC, Globalstar is Apple’s partner for the new satellite-enabled services and the tech giant will pay the company for the following expenses:

  • 95% of the approved capital expenditures Globalstar makes in connection with the new satellites described therein (to be paid on a straight-line basis over the useful life of the satellites)
  • Certain costs of the Company‚Äôs borrowings related to the new satellites
  • Other approved costs
  • Termination costs, as described more fully below, should any arise.

Previously, 9to5Mac wrote that Apple would invest most of its $450 million advanced manufacturing fund in Globalstar’s satellite infrastructure.

The new Emergency SOS via satellite capability, available across the iPhone 14 series, connects users to emergency service providers who are in areas with poor or no Wi-Fi and cellular networks. By pointing their iPhone 14s toward the sky, users maintain a connection with a satellite and send the details of their situation to emergency service via message or through calls made by Apple’s Relay centers. 

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For non-fatal emergencies, users can also share their location with the emergency service via satellite through the Find My app. Recently, Starlink’s owner Elon Musk teased a potential partnership with the Cupertino tech giant in the future. Answering a question about working with Apple for expansion of Emergency SOS via satellite capability, Musk said that Starlink had “promising conversations” with the tech giant.

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