All You Need To Know About Greenpois0n / SHAtter Jailbreak Release on 10/10/10!

We broke the news earlier about the confirmed release of Greenpois0n / SHAtter Jailbreak tool on this Sunday i.e 10th October, 2010 at 10:10am (GMT) as announced by the Chronic Dev Team members a few hours ago. Since then, there have been numerous discussions going on about the capabilities of this new jailbreak tool as to who would actually benefit from the SHAtter exploit, and the biggest question is “will it work for my iOS device?”. This post should most probably answer all your queries regarding the upcoming jailbreak tool!

Lets discuss each detail one by one:

What is Greenpois0n?

GreenPois0n is the name for the upcoming iOS4.1 jailbreak tool which was initially developed by p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev-Team to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3, and iOS 3.2 on iPad. A few weeks ago, website was updated to mark the revival of Greenpois0n tool showing its new rounded green logo with a greyish skull on it.gp_web1.png

What is SHAtter Exploit?

The GreenPois0n jailbreak tool is actually based on a low-level bootrom exploit called “SHAtter” discovered by pod2g for iOS4 devices which is supposed to pwn all supported iOS devices for life. The exploit can’t be patched by a simple firmware update by Apple and it will require a revised version for the hardware of iOS devices in order to patch the loophole.

Will It Be A Tethered Jailbreak?

No, Greenpois0n jailbreak will be untethered for all supported devices on iOS4.1. According to MuscleNerd:

SHAtter itself is tethered. @comex came up with a way to untether it on 4.1/3.2.2

SHAtter is yet another breed of exploit. Bootrom-based but requires userland “assistance” for untethered boots (@comex did this for 4.1)

It must be kept in mind that you must have your SHSH blobs saved for iOS4.1 or you would lose the untethered jailbreak in next update. Comex says:

Yes, that means you need to back up SHSH or you will lose untethered when 4.1.1 comes out, kthx.

Which iOS Devices Are Supported?

According to MuscleNerd, the GreenPois0n tool is only for the fourth-gen A4 devices like iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPad. This means that unfortunately it will not support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch 3G.


Furthermore, the Chronic Dev Team has also confirmed its support for the 2nd Generation Apple TV which also carries an A4 chip.

@chronicdevteam: greenpois0n supports: The iPad, the iPhone 4, and the iPod touch 4. Probably the AppleTV as well.

Well this is pretty much all we know for now about the upcoming Greenpois0n / SHAtter jailbreak for supported iOS4.1 devices. If you have any more queries, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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