iOS 16 users report extreme battery drain and slow Spotlight search

A new day means new issues related to iOS 16 brought forth by users. This time, users are reporting extreme battery drain as well as Spotlight search’s being slower.

iOS 16

Here are the latest issues caused by iOS 16

First, let’s talk about iOS 16 causing your iPhone’s battery to drain faster than usual. While it is normal for your iPhone’s battery life to adjust to a major software update, the issue should resolve itself in a couple of days.

Personally, as a second-generation iPhone SE owner, I have felt that my battery life has improved with the new update. In any case, there are some things that you can turn off to preserve your battery. For example, Apple recently revealed that haptic feedback for keyboard will deplete your battery faster than usual. So, make sure to disable that if your battery is draining quicker than usual.

Another issue iOS 16 users are reporting is slow Spotlight search. Spotlight search is showing results after a significant delay for some users. According to MacRumors, resetting all settings has helped some users fix the issue. But, note that Apple has not acknowledged the issue as of yet.

Another software-related issue was recently brought to light on Reddit. Some users are reporting instances of their iPhones not turning on despite being charged. This issue is not exclusive to iPhone 14 models as it is also affecting iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, etc, owners. Learn how to fix this issue here if your device is also affected.

Apple has promised to fix some software problems such as the camera shaking issue plaguing iPhone 14 Pro users in an iOS 16 update next week. The update will also fix some other issues such as a repetitive copy and paste prompt and iPhone 14 models freezing and becoming unresponsive after data transfers from older iPhones and iCloud restoration.

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