iOS 16 update next week will patch iPhone 14 Pro shaky camera, copy and paste, and other issues

The iOS 16 update is one of Apple’s most successful updates, consumers have adopted to latest iOS version faster than the previous iOS 15 update. A customizable Lock Screen and redesigned notifications are just a few attractive features of the update.

However, the roll has not been as smooth as Apple would have hoped it to be, especially on iPhone 14 series.

iOS 16

iOS 16-related issues experience on iPhone 14 Pro and other models will be patched soon

iPhone 14 Pro users are facing the following problems on iOS 16:

  • iPhones freeze and become unresponsive after data transfer from older iPhones and iCloud restoration.
  • The camera shakes and makes loud rattling noises when using third-party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and others.
  • The native Camera app launches slowly or lags.
  • AirDrop functionality not working properly.

iSO 16

iOS 16 on other iPhone models is causing the following issues:

  • The excessive appearance of Copy and Paste prompt. Apple has introduced a new privacy update that ensures apps seek users’ permission to paste the information copied on their clipboards via a prompt similar to ATT prompt. However, the Copy and Paste prompt does not have the expected behavior and keeps on reappearing.
  • iPhone stuck on bootloop after installing the update.

Now, The Wall Street Journal states the update to fix multiple issues will arrive next week. However, the company has not mentioned the build number of the upcoming update. MacRumors believes it will be iOS 16.0.2. and is going to fix at least three major bugs: iPhone 14 Pro shaky camera, freezing issue, and Copy and Paste prompt.

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