iOS 16 features more Memoji customization options with 17 new hairstyles, 6 stickers and more

Apple’s new software update for iPhone, iOS 16, brings a ton of new customization options for Memoji. The update also includes a redesigned Lock Screen experience, new capabilities in Mail, WalletMessagesenhanced intelligence with updates to Live Text and Dictation, and more.

iOS 16 Memoji

Here are all the changes you can make to your Memoji with iOS 16

Last year, Apple introduced over 40 new outfit choices for Memoji allowing users to reflect their style, mood, or the season. Apple also expanded its accessibility offerings with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, and a soft helmet so users can better represent themselves. This year, the tech giant is adding to the customization options it introduced last year.

With iOS 16, users have 17 new hairstyles to choose from which include more options for curly hair along with new braid options. There is also a new headwear option, a bonnet. There are also more options available for users who want their Memoji to have a neutral lip color. Apple has also added a ton of new nose options for Memoji in iOS 16.

There are six new Memoji stickers available in iOS 16 that let users send a chef’s kiss, a yawn, hands below the chin, dizzy with birds, a hand in front, and a finger heart. Five of these sticker options include the upper body while the dizzy with birds Memoji only features the head.

Finally, in iOS 16, any Memoji stickers can be used as your contact image. Previously, contact images were restricted to a number of facial poses. However, all of the sticker options will be available when iOS 16 is released for all users.

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